Maxine Wahome.
Image: Instagram

Popular rally driver Maxine Wahome's decision to stay out late and get home late has been cited as the cause of a near-fatal confrontation with her boyfriend in Kileleshwa, Nairobi.

Maxine had apparently been out hanging with friends on Monday night and arrived home early on Tuesday, which according to police, upset her boyfriend Asad Khan.

Maxine, a celebrated rally driver, was arrested on Tuesday, December 13 morning, for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend Khan who is also a rally driver.

She was released on a cash bail of Sh100,000 after spending a day in custody over claims of assaulting Khan.

Maxine made history in June this year by becoming the first female to win the WRC3 at 26 years old.

Police said they were called to a house where both Maxine and Khan were after an assault report was made to Kileleshwa police station.

They were the only people who were in the apartment at the time of the incident, police say.

Preliminary investigations show the two fought in the house before Khan apparently fell on a window pane which broke and cut him in the leg leading to profuse bleeding.

The woman told police a confrontation broke out between them after she came home late in the morning on Tuesday.

She had apparently been out and when she returned home an argument broke out after an upset Khan asked her where she had been.

This, according to her statement to police, degenerated to push, pull and fall and later the injuries.

And after Khan fell and injured himself, according to the preliminary findings, Maxine went to the bedroom and slept without knowing her boyfriend was bleeding and nearly dying.

Khan crawled from the point of the alleged fall and managed to get hold of a mobile phone and called his brother who called the police.

The family had by then rushed him to the Avenue Hospital where he was admitted to the High Dependency Unit.

The family of Khan is appealing for blood donations as he remains admitted to the hospital as of Thursday, December 15.

Police told the court according to preliminary findings, the man sustained a deep cut on his ankle that was allegedly inflicted by the woman.

The investigating officer told a court Maxine was arrested Tuesday at their apartment after the boyfriend’s brother made a report of assault to the police.

The court heard that during the arrest the police found blood in the house and broken glasses.

Maxine was presented in court Tuesday where the detectives sought to hold her for 14 days as they investigate the case.

But she claimed she was a victim of assault too.

Nairobi Magistrate Benard Ochoi declined to allow an application by the police to detain her for 14 days pending her being charged with grievous harm of Khan.

The court also declined to gag the media from covering the case, saying the claims that she is a victim have not been proven.

On Tuesday, Maxine’s lawyers had asked the court to gag the media from covering the case, saying she is a victim and not the aggressor.

The magistrate dismissed the application by the state to detain her for two weeks saying there were no compelling reasons to detain the suspect in police custody.

He ordered her to appear before the investigating officer at Kilimani Police station every Thursday until the investigations are completed.

The police were asking the court to detain her for 14 days saying Khan is still unconscious and in critical condition.

Police said they needed to find whether there were accomplices so that they could be arrested, obtain call data from their mobile phones for analysis and conduct DNA tests of the blood samples. 

The woman said through her lawyer she is a victim and claimed that the man hurt himself when he was attacking her.

Police are still investigating the case and the woman is expected at the Kilimani police station for grilling on December 15.