Nameless wows fans as he teaches 16 year old daughter how to drive

Following his post netizens went ahead to share how they first learnt how to drive

Nameless with his teen daughter Tumiso

Veteran artist Nameless has just won the hearts of his fans and followers as he shared a picture of him teaching his 16-year-old daughter Tumiso how to drive.

In the photo Tumi is clearly seen sitting behind the wheel looking so proud of herself and ready to conquer the world while her dad who is on the co-driver seat monitoring what she is doing can be seen with his hands mid air clearly trying to give the teen pointers on what to do/what not to do.

Excuse me Nameless but we are going to need a video soon, I for one know parents teaching kids how to drive is comedy drama.

The proud father of three highlighted that getting Tumi behind the wheel was part of his new year resolutions as she was transitioning to a self reliant young adult.

"Heya, finally recovered from December 🥵🤭... New year imeanza aje huko mko??

Me I Started training my teen @tumi.mathenge to sit on the driver seat... apeleke gari mpaka Gate under my supervision.😊...

Ulifundishwa kudrive na baba yako ama mtoto wa neighbour🤔😂😂#Gotime#TestingTheDriverSeat" Nameless captioned the post.

The caption got Kenyans engaging as they reminisced over how they learnt how to drive when they were younger 

Below are a few comments from netizens:

carolradull: My dad taught us how to drive. I was 9 years old.

chriskirwa: We taught ourselves na borrowed black mamba bike / graduated to tractor ( usiku za Neighbours) then car hire then bought. Being taught hiyo no rumour

ythiraa:Hubby tried, karibu tuchapane mangumi Kwa highway😂😂😂 should have just gone to a driving school

michaelsoistudio: Wengine wetu tulianza na kujifunza kuiba hio gari in the first place. Figure out how to open it, push it 200 meters away so they don’t hear you start it then go hit a kiosk on your way back 😂

nancybae4: Was taught by my boyfriend 🤣🤣🤣 nikiwa 15years

christine_kirimi: Driving school as an adult. I'm glad my daughter will be able to learn earlier than I did.

eunykamunu: Bado sijajua....I'm being honest😂

jamesmwangi49: I used to pretend am washing the car, when it's clean.rounds in the estate mpaka started going on the road without driving license.lakini watoto was manuals we were good drivers.

nanahdelvin:Wenye hatujui kudrive up to now, where is our tent🧐🧐

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