Comedian Nasra Yusuf caught in another huge lie

The comedian had shared screen shots implying she was in talks with Beyonce

The Churchill comic has been exposed for lying yet again
Nasra Comedian. The Churchill comic has been exposed for lying yet again
Image: Instagram

Another day, another lie from comedian Nasra Yusuf.

The comedian had earlier on in her Instagram stories posted that she was in talks with Beyonce to have her tour Kenya for a show she was organizing.

Yes, thee Queen Bee... who runs the world, Beyonce.

"Nataka kuorganize concert ya Beyonce next month ni nyinyi tu mniambie tickets tuweke ngapi... (so I'm working on organizing a Beyonce ticket for next month, things are underway and I need you all to let me know how much you'd like the tickets to retail at)" Nasra wrote.

Of course, people called her bluff and asked her to provide receipts for her claims. As we all know, receipts are very important.

Without missing a beat, the comedian shared a screenshot on her Insta stories in a bid to shut down the doubting Thomas but in retrospect, she was just playing herself because netizen sleuths never miss details. 

But at this point, I feel like we are the ones to blame, like why would you take a comedian seriously? 

It's like dating a DJ.

Nasra shared a screenshot of her direct messages with her convo with Beyonce being at the top and captioned it, "bado mnaona ni jokes? (Do you all still think I'm playing?)"

To an unexperienced eye, it might have looked legit.

I mean Beyonce's page is verified and the profile pictures match but Kenyans were quick to catch her in her lie.

Nasra forgot one tiny bit once you mark a message as unread it highlights the last sent message with the ID of the sender. In this case, she was talking to herself in Queen B's direct messages.

Netizens were quick to call her out as they criticized her for her lying nature. Others took it as a light moment and thanked the comedian for always keeping them entertained.

The comedian was, however, intent on trying to pull this off.

She shared another screenshot, this time around of an open conversation where she claimed that she and Beyonce had actually talked.

"This is the full conversation to all of you with little faith," Nasra captioned the post. 

But yet again, everyone could tell it was a fake and urged her to just give up as it was clear as day she was in no talks with Beyonce leave alone her managers.

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