He has warned men against taking DNA tests on their kids.
Mike Sonko. He has warned men against taking DNA tests on their kids.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has warned couples against making use of the home test DNA kit.

The poiltician says the kits will break most home if the men find out they are taking care of kids they did not sire.

Through his socials he advised.


"I have done a further research on Senator Omanga's earlier DNA home test kit post going for 800 bob.

First my advice to families avoid going for such tests as they'll lead to lot of divorce cases na kuvunja so many relationships na maboma.

However for information purposes the home test kits zinapeana up to 99.99% accuracy kama mzae alihanywa so wachaneni nahizo story muendele kulea na kusomesha watoto as they're innocent and a blessing to families."

Below are some of the reactions from Sonko's advice

Sheillah Wagari Waimaithoni: This will make many faithful ladies be respected by their partners and others.

John Wathika: Lazima!!!everybody should carry his/her own burden.

Antony Malandi: They have come at right time. Times of living lies are almost over.   

Ambroscky Goffallo: I think it's good to know earlier that the kid you're rising is purely yours than being fooled for years rising the kid who ain't your..if a girl tells me she has my pregnancy I go for it

JM Mwenda: Women are going to order all of the available stock and dispose them .

Opaa Mansolo: I don't expect such advice from someone like you. Personally l don't support immorality. Being honest is very important. Off course children are innocent and are blessings but let everyone take up his blessings. Don't run away with another man's blessings. Be genuine. Kila mtu akae na baraka zake. Sitaki za mtu