Mike Sonko's hilarious warning to Karen Nyamu while she's in Dubai

Karen is back in Dubai for political reasons

Mike Sonko and Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Senator Karen Nyamu has a long way to go before the world forgets her drama and actually buys she has turned over a new leaf.

After the drama she served us with her baby daddy Samidoh in Dubai, we can not be blamed for being a skeptic.

Well, the politician is back in Dubai but this time around on some serious business, doing what she actually gets paid to.

Karen shared a series of photos from a forum she's attending in Dubai.

She captioned the post, "Meeting the Coordination Council for Recruitment Companies (CCRC) in Riyadh, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to deliberate on the welfare of our Kenyan labor immigrants as part of a 5-day fact-finding mission...." 

Replying to the post former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko warned Karen not to engage in any crazy antics while in Dubai as their laws were a little more strict than other nations.

"Huko kuna Islamic sharia... ukileta ile kiherehere yako ya kutaka mastick za wenyewe by force samosa itakatwa ubaki bila....

(Where you are there are sharia laws so if you display your crazy antics or start drama over men you'll face dire consequences...)" Sonko commented as he accompanied the text with laughing emojis.

Nyamu's baby daddy Samidoh on the left and Karen Nyamu to the right

Sonko really has no chills and he seems to be on a social media madness run.

Just the other day he launched claims that Michelle Ntalami and Edwin Chiloba were lovers and not just friends as Michelle had reported while eulogizing the late fashion designer.

Claims that Michelle has vehemently refuted and asked Sonko to refrain from making such malicious comments without any ounce of proof.

"Kumbe the late Edwin Chiloba had an affair with @michelle.ntalami na walikuwa na mapenzi moto moto hadi jana Michele had to pen down a beautiful tribute to the late Edwin Chiloba recalling the first time they met and the beautiful moments they shared. Rest in Peace Edwin." Sonko's post read. 

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