'There's no bad blood,' Cindy K on breakup with Sean

Cindy revealed they'd separated long before making the announcement online

Cindy K addresses breakup with Sean
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Cindy Kipsang has finally addressed her recent break up a month after her ex, Sean announced to the public that they are no longer an item.

Cindy got candid in an interview with her newly rumoured boyfriend Prince Newton as she highlighted some of the issues she felt led to their fallout.

Before getting into the details she started by making it clear that she and Sean hadn't left each other on bad terms.

"Me and Sean have always been friends, there is no bad blood. I think it's because first we were friends so we always understood each other, so its no bad blood, till today"" Cindy said.

She went on to add that the two had separated long before making the announcement online.

"We broke up like a month before it was announced, so you know people were asking me how is the break up? And it was a month already so I had already dealt with it hiyo time nilikuwa tu sawa." 

On what she thinks greatly contributed to their fall out Cindy said:

"You see putting my business online, I won't be doing anymore of that. I never expected people would be in my business like that, I never expected it. I didn't think people would care enough to comment on it."

She also clarified that contrary to popular belief she no longer harboured feelings for her ex-boyfriend even though Sean insisted it is what led to their breakup.

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"The only thing that people took from that interview was that because I wasn't over my previous relationship which was not true.

Yes he said that and I actually called him to ask him why he would say that and he said he didn't mean to say it, it kinda came out and it's on radio and you know once you put something out on radio its there or maybe that's what he truly felt like that you never know," Cindy said defending herself.

Cindy finished off by highlighting that even though they'd split she feels  Sean was a better man than Shaq.

"He (Sean) was way better than Shaq.

I don't wanna talk about that but let's just give a very general answer, just very text book kind of obvious, there are basic things girls like, like flowers and stuff like that, " Cindy told Newton.

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