Pritty Vishy, netizens hilariously react to Stevo's new girlfriend

Stevo Simpleboy just unveiled his new girlfriend after dramatic split from his 'ex'

Pritty Vishy, Stevo Simple Boy and his new lover

Freshi Barida hitmaker Stevo Simple Boy has just introduced his alleged new girlfriend and boy is she the crème de la crème!

However, some netizens like Stevo's ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy do not seem to buy into the relationship and have gone on a whirlwind questioning the relationship.

Stevo and his new babe introduced their relationship to the world via Instagram.

The pretty young lady who goes by the name of Marianah went ahead to confirm the new relationship casually calling Stevo "My boyfriend."

 She went on to promote Stevo's brand new Instagram page and asked people to follow him before blowing a kiss to the camera. Stevo in a bid to show the legitimacy of the video shyly kissed her near her forehead.

An excited Stevo captioned the post saying, "Kichuna mtoto bwatata rangi chingli chingli nashukuru Sana kwa sapoti kipenzi @m.arianah_ ❤️❤️❤️❤️"

First to comment on the news was digital content creator and Stevo's ex, Pritty Vishy who threw serious jabs at the relation.

Pritty had a good laugh over the supposedly new relationship as she disputed the relationship.

Her first comment read: prittyvishy: I die😂😂😂me naisha aaaah hii ndo nini jamani😂😂😂😂😂apana

Before she went on to pokemore holes at the relationship hinting that the romance looked so fake that even the fake girlfriend could not keep a straight face while recording. 

prittyvishy:😂😂😂aiiiiii Leo ni kumoto manze😂😂😂hio mwaaaah ya ex inakaa aje kwani 😂😂😂adi imechekesha dem yake😂😂😂😂

Other netizens joined in sharing their two cents in regards to the new couple.

Below are a few comments from other netizens:

djshiti_comedian:Ile anasa stevo anapiga hii town 😮😮😮😮

mulamwah:Mapemaaaa 😂

kahilke: Congratulations Stevoh😍

bandanafather: At least ameiva kuliko ex

mr_kakerea_:Showbiz kama kawa alfu life inaendelea

moureen_toto:Kuoga na kurudi soko 😂😂😂

bujuthstone:Wanamtumianga tu kupata followers then amuache 😂💔

iannoh.__: Kwani @prittyvishy hawezi sema congratulations 😂😂😂

nairobi_teens_finnest_254: Wuueh kwani anakiss nywele😂😂

nangila_3:Nani anataka pia tuanze clout chasing na yeye😂😂😂

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