Kelvin Kinuthia.
Image: Instagram

Tiktoker Kelvin Kinuthia has addressed accusations that he's been living a fake lifestyle because of the way he keeps on moving from house to house.

Speaking to Commentator 254, Kinuthia said there is no such truth to these allegations. 

"I want to know what is wrong with moving? I am looking for comfort, in fact, this place I have stayed longer, I have been here for 8 months, nje kuna a lot of noise, I have even reduced the times I do content coz of noise, I do not see a big deal in moving houses a lot."


He added that he feels the need for more space.

"Kuhama sio fake, where am I faking to move houses a lot? First of all, I have heard people saying my furniture is not mine, but I just like new furniture in a new house, the money is mine jamani."

He says he makes a lot of income that funds his lifestyle and he is not faking it.

"Mostly lifestyle content creators we are accused alot of faking, but kama I think tunakuwa tunakaaga maisha ywetu inje so mtu anaka hivi anaona aier huyu mtu vile anatuonyesha hizi vitu zote his lifestyle is fake , but we have not come to show off, we have come to inspire people."


When he does lifestyle content it is not to show off but to inspire people out there that you can grow and for memories.

"Life is a journey, life is for the living," he shared.

Kinuthia will be removing his gastric balloon in four weeks time something he says he is glad about.

"So far I have achieved, you are supposed to lose 15 kg I have lost 7. I am supposed to do exercise and so I will start gym to lose the 8kgs left." 

He is hopeful his gym efforts will result in a new Kinuthia.