Kalenjin Ladies

Kenyans have taken to Twitter to share the hilarious reason they think Kalenjin men do not like marrying outside their tribe.

According to KOT, Kalenjin men have no trouble dating other women,but when it comes to marriage,that is where they draw the line.

A Tweep identified as Omwamba posed the question and the answers did not disappoint

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Check out some of the comments by KOT

@man_rungu: Language barrier they only know how to speak their Kalenjin language,Hapo kwa kizungu,kiswahili wanajua tu kidogo kuandika Hata kama ni Wewe utachukua mtu atakuwa anakuandikia usome. They prefer Kalenjin.

@omwambaKE: This is kalenjiolism, and the male are ever united, the lady can't even cheat to another tribe.

@Namuye_namuye:  is a conservative society, they follow their customs and traditions. Their society has programed them to marry their own. Their predecessors always emphasized the need of marrying their own women so that they don't dilute their culture.

@SharpSh05380877: Sio hivyo. They trust very few tribes in Kenya. Nilijaribu Sana chuo, nikashidwa. Actually in campus or colleges they either date kales/Wakamba only. I tried to dig deep&found pres. moi trusted Wakamba only. Today ukienda kabaraka utaona. AIC church ni ya 2 tribes kales&wakamba.

@BownnieM: From an early age they are warned against other tribes but Kipsgis girls are shaping up.

@Jimmyma10116002: They like kalenjin men because they are cultured men, they value kalenjin traditions and customs.

@Husseinnjue1: Marriage is cultural thing and they believe that their community is best Manze date a kalenjin and you will notice their culture favours their kind.

@DennisMaiyo14: Our kalenjin ladies are mannered in a way that fits kalenjin men and if you are lucky to get one and you are not a kalenjin then you are very lucky those ladies are Angeles.

This article is not in any way intended to make Kalenjins sound/seem tribalistic and is based on KOT  responses.