Stephen Letoo mocks single people as Valentine's fast approaches

The journalist asked them to move mountains within the week so as to avoid missing on Valentine's

Stephen Letoo mocks single people ahead of valentine's day celebrations
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Wueh the pressure is getting worser! With just 11 days to go to Valentine's day, veteran journalist Stephen Letoo is online calling out single people.

Men and women, none were spared.

Is it really ever this serious? According to Letoo it is and he wants single people to move mountains within a week and ensure they get a date before the much anticipated and equally dreaded 14th of February.

Taking to his socials the journalist wrote, “Valentines is around na huna mtu, shame on you!”

Someone cue that viral sound that goes, "Si lazima tuolewe!" 

Letoo, who is a self-declared Polygamous people Chairman went on to wonder what single people were planning to do on the day of love as the couple painted the town red.

Uhm... I mean it is a weekday so we will be at work but okay. 

He further went on to call on all singles to assemble on his page and identify themselves so that other single people can notice them and they all can quickly organize something before D-Day. 

"Tag all singles kwa comment section...” read the rest of his post that has since been published and elicited a lot of different reactions.

Some users seemed confused as a few days ago Letoo was advocating for men to attend men's conferences while others actually took his advice and tagged their single friends in the comment section in hopes that they'd get a date and flowers on 14th Feb. 

“Mr President kindly be clear, should we go for Valentine’s Day or go to the Men’s conference,” wrote a Facebook user identified as Adika Austine. 

A very valid question as just last week, Letoo had announced that preparations for this year's Men’s Conference were underway.

He announced that the event will be held on Valentine’s Day at the Carnivore Grounds in Nairobi and added that he'd already designed t-shirts and caps for the occasion, which are red, black, and white in colour, as he asked willing participants to contact him for bookings.

He has also been posting comical photos of men allegedly being ejected from the event’s committee preparation claiming they contravened the set rules.

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