Karen Nyamu: My kid's dad is responsible to them, even if he disappoints me

The politician has 3 kids with two different fathers

Karen Nyamu.
Image: Instagram

This past week, nominated senator Karen Nyamu spoke in a wide-ranging interview on a local radio station.

Off course, some of the most fascinating parts of her interview concerned her love life where she admitted that she had no love life to speak off.

"I don’t have a love life. I know this story will die. I am very single."

She then described co-parenting saying that;

"But we have children, and one thing about my children’s father is that he is not many things, but he is responsible in that he does what he is supposed to do. He is responsible for the children, even if he disappoints me."

The politician then described her experience being a mom of 3 explaining that,

"Motherhood is beautiful. I adore motherhood; it’s a lovely sensation. I love motherhood, and it gives me the commitment to work extra hard to give them the best."

On whether she could see herself having more kids, she was coyer saying that she left it up to fate.

"You never know (if) I get mubabaz nikapende sana. I don’t take anything off my table. I don’t check out, and I don’t cross anything off my list."


One of the other topics that the charismatic and controversial Nyamu touched on was how she dealt with her legion of trolls.

The trained lawyer said that her first terrible experience with it had been when the late businessman Jacob Juma had been assassinated.

"I got myself into the limelight through negative trending. One day, a businessman named Jacob Juma passed away, and he happened to be a client of a law firm I used to work at, so we knew each other. And so there was a rumour that he had been killed by so-and-so because of me. I prayed and cried."

She said after that incident she had developed a thick skin. 

"It was the first time I went through this and others so often that I became numb. (President William) Ruto has been told everything, but he is there and strong. I love people and can’t leave social media."

Karen then went on to explain that despite being a tough cookie, she would also seek the counsel of her father, when trouble beset her.

"There are laws against it. And not everybody is strong like me. But people don’t know that there are laws about it. Yeah, of course, come up with a whole new set of them. I talked to my daughter and told her everything. When I have issues, I talk to my dad."