Harry Styles.
Image: Instagram

"Things like this do not happen to people like me" is a comment that Harry Styles made during his speech after he won his first Grammy for the Best Pop Vocal Album of the Year, Harry's House. 

This remark has had people fired up trying to understand what the Watermelon Sugar musician meant by these words. 

There has been a number of speculations on what he was trying to put across. 


An American journalist and radio presenter, Sam Sanders took his concerns to Twitter saying that what was said by the musician was the most white privilege-iest thing to ever be said.

"This does not happen to people like me is the most white privilege-iest thing to ever been uttered at an awards show ever for all time," the journalist stated.

Other users agreed with Sam Sanders leading to Harry Styles facing hostility even towards his album, being that it was up against other black artists such as Beyoncé.  


Some social media users insinuated that the remarks made was somewhat racist, others implied that the statement made was probably directed towards his gender fluidity, given that he had opened up about it in past interviews, while others mentioned that the comment was probably directed to his brand having come up from a boy band.  

His fans came to his rescue making it clear that even though his choice of words was not correct, he did not have any malicious intent, and his reaction was just as valid as anyone else would have been.

Although it is not clear what he meant, having been brought up in a humble background could just be one of the reasons he made the statement. 

The comment rubbed off negatively on many stands to show how the world is still dealing with so many underlying issues. 

Nevertheless, congratulations to him for adding more Grammy awards to his collection.