Nimo Gachuiri with Mr. Seed.
Image: Facebook

Nimo Gachuiri, the wife of the artist Mr. Seed has for the first time talked about the baby mama saga surrounding her husband.

A lady who gave birth to the artist has in recent days been throwing shade online saying that the artist does not want to help in the upbringing of the child they gave birth to together.

A few weeks ago when the saga was brought up by the young lady, Mr. Seed refused to speak about it saying that he was focusing most of his energy on building his family home.


Throughout this period, Nimo has not been seen talking about it, but on Wednesday for the first time she made it clear why she does not want to get involved in the drama.

"I don't want to get involved because it doesn't concern me, that way, my peace of mind will be fine, that's why I don't really want to talk about it.

That saga does not bother me at all because most of the time I am involved in things that concern me," Nimo said.


Nimo also said that she does not discuss such things going on with her hubby.

"Things that don't concern me, my husband and I try not to talk about them, everyone is busy with their own and when we get home everyone is fine. He can't be beaten outside and then when he comes home the same things continue, love is not built that way," Nimo said with love.

She added that home is where everyone finds comfort after fighting a verbal battle outside all day.

Nimo dismissed the notion that she is the only one who loves Seed and said that their love is compatible because he loves her as well.

"Love in marriage is each one giving himself to the other, if one is tired there is no marriage there. When he's okay and I'm not okay, he's the one who lifts me up, just like when I'm okay and he's not okay, I lift him up. That's marriage," Nimo said emphasised.