Mungai Eve lands in trouble over LGBTQ content

A section of netizens are threatening to cancel her for promoting the movement

The YouTube content creator is under fire for promoting lgbtq
Mungai Eve. The YouTube content creator is under fire for promoting lgbtq
Image: Instagram

Kenyan YouTuber Mungai Eve is facing backlash from some of her fans after she aired a segment on her channel where she had featured makeup artist Dennis Karuri. 

Dennis is an open gay rights activist and most people suspect he is queer even though he has never openly discussed his sexuality or dating life until his recent interview where he admitted he is not attracted to women.

However, following his association with the rainbow community, his dressing and mannerism a section of Mungai's followers especially on FaceBook felt Eve was promoting the cause by giving Karuri a bigger platform.

While talking to Eve the make up artist tenaciously held to the belief that he is a lady and should be accepted as so.

A remark that caught the YouTuber off guard. On what makes him a woman, Dennis casually said, the fact that he has brains, beauty, and Nyash.

Someone must have skipped their basic biology class.

Karuri went on to reveal that he uses fake butt implants to alter his physical appearance in photo shoots. He actually showed off to Eve during the interview revealing he was wearing implants at the moment.

He went forth to gush over how he loves his enhanced hips and behind.

Dennis revealed that he is in a relationship and that he does not want women hitting on him. He went on to add that he does not care what people think about him, saying it is a free world.

The interview seems to have left a bitter taste in some of Eve's fans who could not understand why Eve had the make up artist on her channel

A section of her followers flocked the comment section following their displeasure as they called on others to boycott Eve Mungai.

One Amore Honourable commented, "Let us unfollow Eve, she is spreading a lot of negative vibes for money."

While Kelvolution muzig said,"Warathis now? Kama huna content tulia...hata ni kama unapromote hiyo maneno ya gayism. The world is perishing." .

Another fan by the name Triza Kinyua wrote:"Eve acha kupbulicize huu upuzi kuna vitu vingi vya maana na umuhimu unaweza tupasha na tutasoma na kukufurahia or kuku celebrate but hizi sasa ni upotohaji wa jamii na ukiendelea utalaaniwa badala ya kubarikiwa." 

Homosexuality is illegal in Kenya although there are many openly gay individuals especially celebrities who have been advocating for gay rights.
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