Chris Brown, Blueface & Chrisean Rock
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The American rapper, Blueface, who is famously recognized for his hit song Thotiana has finally responded to Chris brown's utterances of him not being cancelled out for being in a toxic and violent relationship with his girlfriend, Chrisean rock.

This comes after singer Chloe Bailey announced her upcoming song with Chris Brown, titled How Does It Feel, in an Instagram post shared on February 17, 2023.

Brown's critics did not take the news well, with many deeming the collaboration garbage and that he was profiting off black women. They went further and brought up the artist's past domestic abuse case with his the then girlfriend rihanna. Breezy and Rihanna dated from 2007 until the highly publicized domestic abuse issue in 2009. Chris Brown then went out on Instagram and called out the cancel culture for treating his case differently from other celebrities who face assault allegations and mentioned Blueface's toxic relationship with Chrisean Rock.

“You weird ass n***as are the same ones that tune in every week to see Blueface and Chrisean beat the fuck out each other in front of the world,” he wrote. “But that’s okay? It’s entertainment? All y’all can suck my dick disrespectfully.”

In response Blueface acknowledges Breezy's concerns though he tells him not to drag his name in the picture .

“I understand your frustration, fool. For me being in a situation—I’m not even going to trip on you ‘cause the message you trying to send is way off. I get it. The b*** hit me, it’s funny, I hit her back. … I totally get it. That would be the most irritating thing ever. But you gotta play the cards that you was dealt. You on some, ‘But they did it too. Why aren’t you guys telling them anything?’ It’s like bro, don’t worry about that. … You gotta stand on it, cuz.”

“Only thing I disagree with is you posting all these random white people, and me and the bitch and trying to distract from your thing. You gotta stand on it, cuh. If you beat the bitch up, you beat the bitch up"

He also says that Chris brown "beat up the wrong b****" and that her girl, Chrisean Rock, knows how to fight back. 

Breezy's fans are bothered with what the critics had  to say  airing out that he has previously made some collaborations with different black women without him getting back clash.

The collaborations include; 

Come through , Chris Brown featuring H.E.R

It won't stop, Chris Brown featuring Sevyn Streeter 

Wobble up, Chris Brown featuring Nicki Minaj & G eazy

Put it down, Brandy featuring Chris Brown 

Whatchamacallit, Chris Brown featuring Ella Mai 

This X-Mas , Chris Brown featuring Ella Mai

Chris Brown, Blueface & Chrisean Rock
Image: Courtesy