Melanie Martinez
Image: Twitter

American singer and songwriter Melanie Martinez is set to release her new album this year after she went under following her last album in 2019, K-12.

She shared a snippet of her new album on her socials hinting at the coming of an end to her "Crybaby" era.

The teaser of her new album showcases a gigantic mushroom tree with the words "RIP CRYBABY" engraved on it.

"I already have my next two albums and films planned out already, I know exactly what it is that I want to do and how I want to follow up the story. I just have to say crybaby's character will evolve and grow but it is not going to be in a literal way, it is not going to be like going to collage and growing, it is going to be much deeper than that, she is going to evolve like a being and soul," she said.

Fans on her socials commented on how eager and ready they are for her new era since she had gone silent after being accused by her friend of sexually assaulting her.   

"We as a society need to make sure Melanie Martinez gets the attention she deserves this time," a fan Nova posted on his socials.

"Melanie Martinez come back is so iconic, only she would announce that her three-year hiatus is over with a song," said another fan, Nicky. 

The hit-maker of "Pacify Her" also confirmed that only the album was likely to come out this year but not the film. 

"It will probably take another year for the movie to come out," she said.

Her doll-like aesthetic and her creative and playful live shows are just a few of the things that draw people toward her. 

"Back from the dead" fans are greatly looking forward to this new album as well as supporting her.

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