Restaurant owner trends after kicking out Shakira's ex from establishment

The owner refused to allow Pique and his new girlfriend into his establishment as he's a die-hard Shakira fan

Pique and his new girlfriend (left) kicked out of a Japanese restaurant because owner is a Shakira (right)fan
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A restaurant owner in Los Angeles is currently trending after he kicked out former football player Gerard Piqué and his current girlfriend Clara Chia due to his immense love for Shakira.

Shakira and Pique were together for 12 years up until last year when the "Hips don't Lie" hit-maker found out that the Barcelona football player had been cheating on her.

According to La Nación, the couple went to dinner at the Japanese-based restaurant and were apparently asked to leave the premises by the owner of the establishment even before they got service.


The owner is a huge fan of Shakira and felt given the hurt and disrespect Pique put his favourite artist though he did not want the couple to be present at their restaurant.

Wueh! Talk of loyalty and die-hard fans.

The two appeared not only shocked by the fact that they were being asked to leave, especially given Pique's celebrity status but also super embarrassed.


A video of the moment, especially the two leaving the hotel was posted first on TikTok and racked in a lot of attention with it trending across the globe.

It was captioned, "Clara Chia and Pique went out to eat at a restaurant in Los Angeles and the owner is a fan of Shakira and the owner personally ran Clara Chia out."

Pique and Clara could be seen stomping out from the restaurant and back into their car and Clara looked like she was ready to throw serious hands with how angry she was.

Netizens (mostly Shakira fans) took to Twitter to applaud the restaurant owner as well as mock and throw jabs at the former football player as well as his 23-year-old girlfriend.

Fans feel that Chia is as terrible as Pique because married men should totally be off-limits.

It seems Pique will never forget the price of being unfaithful to Shakira especially given the fact that it now seems to cost him meals and date nights.

Half of the tweets being shared in repsonse to the altercation are a little harsh to be posted here.

A month ago Shakira released a diss track dedicated to Pique and it broke records.

The video for Out of Your League was watched more than 63 million times in 24 hours, making it the most-watched Latin song in that time period.

In the song, she says she is "worth two 22-year-olds" and compares the relationship to swapping "a Ferrari for a [Renault] Twingo" and a "Rolex for a Casio" in Spanish.

Neither Pique nor Shakira have commented or posted anything addressing the viral video.


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