Popular personalities Lori Harvey, Lewis Hamilton and Dua Lipa dressed in cargo pants.
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Streetwear fashion has been going wild for a while now.

There is so much creativity when it comes to dressing nowadays as well as so many ways one can put on an outfit.

Cargo pants were first adopted by the military as part of their uniform, who would have known they would come to be the in thing?

Its oversized vibe and its ability to look good on all body types while giving a small waist illusion are making almost everyone go insane trying to add the piece to their wardrobe.  

Cargo pants have recently been all over the place making a comeback from when they were popular back in the 90s.

The cloth brands Bottega Veneta and Nipped-in waist have come up with more interesting ways to style their pants, with Bottega focusing on black and white cargo and Nipped-in on numerous pockets. 

The pants can be paired with anything and for any occasion, it even looks good in church.

Here are five unisex ways you can style cargo pants:

Cargo pants with checked funnel
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1. With checked funnels.

Checked funnel shirts normally have a light volume, adjustable cuffs, cotton comfy, and a clean finish.

It can be just the pattern you need to make the fit pop.

You know those days the weather does not look too sure of whether it wants to be cold or hot?

That is one of the days you wear a funnel.  

It is always adjustable to the weather, you will not feel too cold or hot.

And the pockets, you have more than enough to not even carry anything in your arms.

Girl, you do not need that handbag.  

Cargo pants with graphic tees
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2. With Graphic tees.

As much as some people call it basic, you can never go wrong with a graphic T-shirt. 

They have been worn in and out for over 20 years.

Photos, paintings, words you can have anything printed on it and still look cool.

When you look good you feel good, provided the graphic shirt is not instigating harm.

It is a way to identify with a certain club or express yourself or speak for the voiceless "Black lives matter" in a respectful manner. 

Cargo pants with sweat shirt
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3. With sweatshirts.

Thick and cotton give a fuzzy feeling.

It is a look you cannot miss when styling them with cargo pants.

The pair does not only look good together but it is also a minimal way to dress when it is cold.

Black, grey, navy blue, and maroon would be the most suitable colors to pair with cargos.   

Cargo pants with hoodie
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4. With Hoodies.

The other thing that goes with everything. 

People's love for hoodies when it comes to street fashion cannot be left out when styling cargo pants.

Whether plain, printed, or colored everything goes. 

As worn by many rappers hoodies have always been a symbol of hip-hop culture.  

Protecting one from the head, hoodies are heat-guarding during the cold season. 

Cargo pants with denim
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5. With Denim.

Last but not least, styling cargo pants with denim.

Fine quality fabric, strong and durable is what denim is. Looking stylish on a budget. 

It is also good for workwear and does not tear easily, which means it will last forever in your closet.  

For an added advantage, the same way one can style cargo pants is the same way one can style sweat pants. 

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