Mohammed Alby.
Image: Instagram/Mohammed Alby.

Kenyan TikTok sensation Mohammed Alby is hanging his hat on random street content creation.

The content creator who is better known as The King of Smiles due to his 'Mambo Nation" trend took to his social media pages to reveal that he has been battling depression after being sued by several people for making them smile.

Ironic isn't it?


"After I post the next few videos I have on my gallery I will NEVER again do a video with any stranger in Kenya." Started off Alby angrily.

He went on to add, "l am completely done with "spreading Smiles" because at the end of the day what it's gotten me is making me not even want to see another day."

Alby went ahead to share a court notice on his Instagram stories as he lamented over how unfair it was.

He went on to soliloquy as to why he was being targeted for making people smile.


" I'm tired of having to smile and keep being ositive out there yet I'm in the worst mental state I have ever been in.

You're all alone in this world fellow youth. Even when you try to do good, it's a hungry society ready to break you down and destroy what you've worked towards. I just felt the need to vent out because I'm genuinely going crazy, and I don't deserve this," cried out the content creator.

The King of smiles pointed out that there was so much toxicity in the world and wondered why people putting terrible content weren't being targeted but him who was trying to make people smile and spread cheer to the world was being choked.

"Of all the content creators in Kenya, sue the one person who was genuinely spreading smiles and destroy him.

What a world we live in! I'm just tired of these lonely mental battles. I have been working so hard for a year only to be dragged down so bad and so hard." He went on to add.

The content creator finished off by pointing out that he was done with the positive content creation as it had brought him to a breaking point and he felt as though he was suffocating.

Image: Instagram

He added that he was hoping of getting a good rulling afer the court case and he'd at least get something to smile about.

However, this isn't the first time that Alby is voicing that he has gotten sued over his content.

9 months ago Alby posted on his Instagram story that he had been sued. In an angry rant the content creator wrote, “Do people sit down bored and just sue me for fun? Yaani you go out of your way to bring joy and end up with court cases… Kenya…”

At the end of his post, he said that he was starting to get tired because this was not the first time that he had found himself being sued by the citizens.

Back then, however, he maintained that the court cases had motivated him to grow mambo nation to greater heights.

Alby said he'd been motivated and the attacks actually made him feel like going all-in in the content creation journey.

"Believe me, I'm now motivated to pull huge smiles with bigger stunts, come my way," wrote the TikToker.

Although he did not dive into details Alby voiced that he had been previously sued by other citizens who did not seem to find his content fit, hilarious, or appealing to them.

It now seems that the hate has gotten into the young lad and he ca no longer hang on as he is officially hanging up his boots. Sad indeed.

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