Shiksha Aurora narrates most haunting experience as a journalist

Shiksha revealed she'd not originally planned on being a journalist or pursuing media studies

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Media personality Shiksha Arora is opening up about the most difficult story she has had to cover ever since joining the field.

Shiksha who is popularly known as the dancing Indian on TikTok, opened up during an interview with Nairobi News about covering the Dusit D2 terror attack back in 2019.

The fast-growing media personality reveals the Dusit attack was triggering for her because a few years back she was at Westgate shopping mall when it was attacked.


"The most difficult story I have ever done was the Dusit terror attack, and remember I was at the Westgate attack.

I was called in to cover it for seven hours, talking about something that I have lived before was not easy. It was very traumatic and difficult.

Talking about the people who passed away the injuries that had been sustained and giving details about the terrorist and how they launched their attack was heartbreaking and triggering," started off Shiksha.


She candidly went on to recount the 2013 Westgate attack and the trauma she underwent.

Shiksha who worked at East FM back then highlights that the most traumatic thing was watching one of her colleagues pass away while it broke her that she couldn't do anything to help.

"I am a victim of a terrorist attack, I was at Westgate Mall, when the attack happened. I was trapped in the mall for like two hours, I was there with my colleagues from East FM, and Ruhila Adatia one of my colleagues unfortunately did not make it.

The terrorist threw a grenade at us but it did not go off but it was just 100 meters from where I was.

It was terrifying. I was with a group of children and parents because we were at the East FM cooking competition. This was happening at the rooftop where we were very much exposed.

I was with Ruhila Adatia before she passed on, and I remember when it happened everyone scattered." Shiksha sadly recounted.

Shiksha highlighted that she had to undergo therapy for a while after the attack, noting that loud noises used to scare her and she'd panic no matter where she was.

According to the dancing Indian it took her close to over a year before she was able to go to any mall.

Ironically, being a journalist was not what she'd envisioned for a career.

Shiksha had always wanted to be a researcher and do all things science. " I have always been intrigued by little organisms that is why I studied Microbiology as my undergraduate.

Along the way, I got a job at Radio Africa and it is here that I realized what my true passion is, being a storyteller and creating awareness.

So after graduating I went to the UK where I pursued a master's in Journalism." finished off Shiksha.

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