Lenana Kariba wants his kid to have UK citizenship

Lenana's wife is set to give birth come May 2023

Image: Instagram

Kenyan actor and social media personality Lenana Kariba in a Q&A session with his fans has opened up about his aspirations as a new dad as well as the life they have planned out for their unborn baby.

Lenana started by revealing his reaction when he found out his wife was pregnant.

The former Selina actor highlights the moment was sheer joy for him.


"It was pure surprise and joy... I was overcome by emotions. Honestly speaking, I even shed a few tears." Lenana revealed.

He also added that they'd been planning on starting a family but they thought it'd take longer. However, 2 months after his wife shared that they were expectant.

Lenana's wife, Helen is due in May 2023 according to the actor and the two aren't planning on going overboard with a gender reveal party.

The digital content creator shared that they'd share the gender of their baby sometime next week. He also shared that they had already held a spectacular baby shower however, Helen's parents weren't able to make it to the party.

"We won't do a gender reveal thing- but we will reveal the gender of our child in the next week.

We had our baby shower on Saturday which was awesome to be able to celebrate with the family but we missed Helen's parents though)." Shared the actor.

A curious netizen asked where the two were planning on raising the kid. "Where do you think the baby will spend more time? Here (Kenya) or the UK?" 

To which Lenana responded that they want to try and make sure the kid gets to experience life in both countries.

"We want to try and make sure they get to experience life in both...We will continue to travel back and forth. The school we plan to do in the UK but then, on every holiday we will fly out. I need my parents to teach them Kikuyu!!"Responded Lenana.

Some of the tough things his wife is experiencing as a pregnant mum are all-day sickness, and weight gain which he says has made her unhappy.

"Swollen ankles and feet, bad heartburn and she is super tired," he shared 

He said he is ready to give fatherhood his all and be very hands-on to give his little one the best he possibly can.

On how it all feels he said, "can you ever really be fully ready for such a life-changing event?

Nobody trains you or gives you a manual on how to be a great dad. However, I'm ready to give it my all and be very hands-on to give my little one the best I possibly can."

The actor and his wife got married on August 11th, 2021 in the Caribbean islands of Antigua after barely 2 years of dating.

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