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Arrow Bwoy calls out Governor Sakaja over delayed payments at KissFM studios

Kenyan artist Arrow Bwoy just launched claims that two months after performing in the largely hyped and well attended 3-day Nairobi Festival he is yet to see a penny.

The singer took to his Instagram stories where he called out Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja over the delayed payments.

Arrow Bwoy revealed that taking to social media was his last result as he had tried communicating with the team that contracted him to perform but they told him that they were also yet to be paid.


"Dear Our Governor Johnson Sakaja Mambo imechemka huku nje! Since we performed [email protected] in December, we have not been paid.

Personally I was contracted by Homeboyz Agency, my team has tried a couple of times reaching out to Homeboyz about the payment but their response is that they have not also been paid by the county," The new dad wrote.

He went on to plead with the governor to settle the bill as life out here was hard as it is without "working for free."


The "Kai Wangu" hit maker asked the governor to put himself in the shoes of artists seeing as he was was a creative and head to their pleas.

"Governor Sakaja you were once an artist, you know the struggles we go through as creatives... Kindly huku nje maisha ni ngumu cheza tu kama wewe," the last of Arrow Bwoy's post read. 

Turns out the artist isn't the only one who hasn't seen his cut since the festival came to and end.

Voicing out his disappointment as well was one of Kenya's top DJ's, DJ Saint Kevin who also happens to be Senator Karen Nyamu's first baby daddy.

Commenting on a post highlighting Arrow Bwoy's disgruntled message to the governor the DJ revealed that they had even been asked to sign a contract but they have not received their money yet.

He wrote "btw we all signed contracts and since December we've received nothing­čśĺ Not cool at all!!

The two were among over 50 other artistes and 35 Nairobi DJs who had been contracted to perform during the five day festival launched by Nairobi governor Sakaja during the Jamhuri Day celebrations.

Sakaja highlighted that he'd come up with the idea of the festival because it was an opportunity for youth from across the county to showcase their skills and talents.

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