Corazon Kwamboka & Frankie
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Corazon Kwamboka has sparked an online conversation after gifting his baby daddy, Frankie, an Arsenal Jersey.

In a video that she posted on her Instagram page, the socialite claims that she is buying a jersey for her "unknown Arsenal fans" while in Emirates.

"Buying stuff for some Arsenal fans back home! Look at the hater trying to stop me from recording," she says in the video.

She also posted a picture of someone printing out T-shirts with the caption "Getting T-shirts printed"

This sparked a conversation of the two rekindling their lost love as Frankie had apparently also posted a printed-out Arsenal T-shirt with his name on the back.

In Kenya buying someone of the opposite gender a Jersey, especially a male is considered to be a huge act of love.

The two ended their relationship in February 2022, months after being blessed with their second child.

This is not the first time that Frank has been involved in a controversial relationship.

In 2019, he broke up with the mother of his first two sons, Maureen Waititu.

The two broke up on account that Frankie had cheated on Maureen with Corazon.

Furthermore, In July, Corazon and her baby daddy Frankie got into a widely publicized argument when he implied in an interview that she can't maintain a man due to her unresolved father issues.

Frankie claimed that the absence of father figures is the reason why his two ex-wives Corazon and Maureen Waititu, who each had two children with him, found it difficult to accept unconditional love from him.

In response, Corazon expressed her disappointment in him for revealing their pillow talk conversations for the sake of his personal gain.

She also stated that she then was diagnosed with depression and sought help from Frankie, but he ignored her.

Frankie is a fitness gym instructor renowned for founding Just Gym it, a fitness and nutrition consultancy based in Nairobi.

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