Harmonize with Sarah Michelotti.
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian netizens have gone on a witch hunt frenzy attacking Harmonize's ex-wife Sarah Michelotti after the damsel posted a cryptic caption on her Instagram hinting she has won the court battle over the bongo star.

The "Uno" hit-maker and Sarah parted ways back in late 2020 after the singer introduced his daughter, Zuhura Konde to the world.

Sarah also accused the bongo star of neglect and failing to put substantial efforts into maintaining their relationship.


Last year in September Harmonize in fiery posts while attacking Sarah revealed that his ex was suing him for half his wealth.

The artist argued that he had nothing when they were together while maintaining that she has no right to everything he has right now.

While arguing his case Harmonize shared charts with his then-girlfriend Fridah Kajala, claiming that he and Sarah didn't create wealth together.


"She is not my wife. prostitution is not my choice. She wants us to split the wealth. Which wealth?


When we split, I was living in your house (Kajala's house). I didn't even have anywhere to sleep, where is the wealth she's talking about?" wrote Harmonize.

The conversation ended when Kajala tells Harmonize to 'leave her.' But according to Sarah's latest post, she might have handily won her court battle with the bongo artist.

Taking to her Instagram Sarah posted a picture with a caption that has left many speculating.


"The key to your success is only yourself... The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning," wrote Sarah as she accompanied the post with the queen emoji as well as the boastful cool emoji with a guy wearing glasses.

Following the post, Tanzanians flocked her comment section calling her a fake mzungu because of demanding money from their star.

Most argued that whites don't "steal" or fight for wealth and property with Africans.

Below are a few comments:

kisangani_boytz: White people come to our lives for profit.

iamelijahboi: Mzungu gani auna hela

kilawe_ema:So you're hungry, jealous with harmonize 😂

kisangani_boytz:Wazungu mnakujaga kwenye maisha yetu kwa faida

sanchostylist: You have made that man to start looking for cases, I don't know the music company and the cleaners eat the money from his music. 👏💔😂


morelovekombe: ila sarah mimi sijawahi kukuelewa au nyie wenzangu mnamuelewa

tonix_tz2: Mnataka mmuchune mpaka kikohoziii


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