Paris Saint Germain forward Lionel Messi is currently the talk of the town after he gifted his national teammates and staff with customized 24K gold iPhone 14 Pros!

Apparently, Messi wanted to celebrate his "proudest moment" and this is the best way he could do it. Talk about a celebratory move!

The devices were delivered to the star player's apartment in Paris.


Messi splurged about  £1,75,000 on his order of 35 gold iPhones which feature the Argentina national football team emblem alongside each individual player’s name and number on the back of the phone.

That amount translates to about 23.7 million Kenyan shillings. Someone hold me before I get a brain aneurysm!

According to entrepreneur Ben Lyons he and the football G.O.A.T designed the iPhones together.


Mr. Ben revealed that the Argentine captain has been buying products from him for a long time and is undoubtedly the "most loyal customer" of his company, IDESIGN GOLD.

He went on to excitedly add that Lionel Messi had asked him to make special products for his Argentina teammates however, he didn't want to buy watches for them.

The entrepreneur not wanting to cliche as well suggested the star player goes ahead and buys gold iPhones for the players.

A source told The Sun: "Lionel wanted to do something special and blingy to celebrate his proudest moment.

He got in touch with entrepreneur Ben Lyons and they came up with the design together."

The CEO of iDesign Gold went ahead to support the above message. Ben Lyons said “Lionel is not only the Goat but he’s one of IDESIGN GOLD’s most loyal customers and got in touch with us a couple of months after the World Cup final.

He said he wanted a special gift for all the players and staff to celebrate the amazing win but didn’t want the usual gift of watches. So, I suggested gold iPhones inscribed with their names and he loved the idea.”

For us mere mortals, if you are lusting over the phones and would love to get one for yourself you can pre-order a gold-plated custom iPhone 14 Pro starting from £4000 which is roughly just Sh. 677, 000.

However, if you find the gold to shouting for your presence the company also offers black and gold, white and gold, rose gold, and platinum as well as leather designs.

So if you have the money then totally go for it! Although I’m quite happy with the color on my Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro Max, I mean it still gets the job done!

Argentina won the 2022 men’s soccer World Cup in December, after defeating France on penalties following a 3-3 tie in overtime. Messi received the Golden Ball award in Qatar as the best player in the tournament.

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