Murugi Munyi with her hubby, Zach.
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Murugi Munyi isn't having the easiest time ever since her hubby took up a new job in the UK.

Murugi used her socials to share how broken she was making it known that people shouldn't look up to her for advice on how to manage a long-distance relationship.

The mother of 3 shared a video of her driving home where she shared that she had heard their wedding song on the stereo which crushed her heart.


"Got in the car and this is the first song that came on, the song that was playing as our bridal party walked down the aisle at our wedding... it's our anniversary next Saturday," Murugi.

She went on to add, "One minute I'm crying, the next I'm dancing, I hate apple music I swear."

The content creator who is currently celebrating her birthday went on to lament over how the distance was unbearable as she quipped that she wasn't yet at the point where people say, "it gets easier."


"If you ever come to my page looking for encouragement to manage your long-distance marriage/relationship please you're looking in the wrong place, I myself, I am discouraged," she shared.

Murugi went on to share a bit of advice to other couples who are dealing with long distances in their relationship.

"If you are in a long-distance marriage or relationship, and you perhaps have heard that I am in one as well, and you've come to my page for tips, for encouragement, I would like to encourage you to look elsewhere.

I would like to encourage you to look at other pages because I am discouraged. I cannot encourage you because I'm also discouraged. People keep saying it gets easier I guess I haven't reached that stage."

She finished it off by pointing out how she misses him more and more each day while telling her fans that she needs a lot of encouragement.

"I guess I haven't reached that stage to say wow it's easier, it's not. every day I feel like with every passing day I feel like I miss him more, with every passing day I feel like I feel his absence more, so I am not carrying that burden, I can't, I need the encouragement myself ."

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