Chimano shares message of hope amid anti-LGBTQ sentiments from Kenyan leaders

The artist reminded people to learn to rise above the noise

Chimano responds to anti lgbtq tweet
Image: Instagram

Sauti Sol band member, Austin Willis Chimano seems to have come out to finally address the on-going LGBTQ battle happening in the country.

Ever since the Supreme Court made a ruling that stated NGOs barring the LGBTQ community from registering associations was discriminatory and unconstitutional the country has been a blaze.

A section of people misinterpreted the court's ruling as it giving Kenyans under the rainbow movemnet freedom and acceptance and have been calling out the court and preaching anti-lgbtq propaganda.

President Ruto made it clear that he'd never allow LGBTQ marriages in the country under his watch.

Well now "Fashionista' hit-maker Chimano seems to have joined the chat and he is condeming people trying to box others and take their joy away.

Sharing the message to his over 117 thousand followers Chimano reminded people that no one owns them and in lieu with that they owe no one any explanations.

"Nobody owns you... You don't owe no one shit! Rising above the very loud noise is a struggle but above it all protect your heart β™₯️.

Smile πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ Love and live another day putting you first because that’s your business…. 😘" Wrote the artist who is openly gay and currently living his best life in Vietnam.

Although he didn't directly touch on the supreme court ruling fans and netizens on his comment section assumed that he was referencing the noise going rouund in the country over the LGBTQ arguments.

This isn't the firsdt time Chimano has openly come out to either defend or call people out during a dsebate surrounding the queer community.

2 months ago he had the perfect response to a politician demanding the "abolition" of gay and homosexuality from the nation.

Likoni member of parliament Mishi Mboko took to Twitter to vehemently share her stance when it comes to people who conform to the rainbow nation.

"LGBTQ should not be entertained in our country anymore!!!" Mboko's tweet read. Straight to the point and not mincing any words.

Well openly gay artist Chimano felt her sentiments were uncalled for and had the perfect reply for her. Not in the mood to exchange words or engage in an online fight but still itching to have a word Chimano replied to the tweet.

The "Friday Feeling" hit maker responded to the tweet by writing, "okay" then accompanying it with several laughing emojis.

A subliminal yet shady clap back almost as if he was challenging her, like 'what are you going to do about it?".

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