China bans women from modelling lingerie online so men are doing it instead

Men modeling lingerie in China

Image: Instagram

According to New York Post, several companies in China show males sporting undergarments, including push-up bras, lacey nightgowns, and corsets.

In response to China's ban on female models showcasing undergarments online, Chinese livestream fashion companies have adopted a new approach by featuring male models in their videos. 

"Personally, we don't really have a choice. The designs can't be modeled by our female colleagues, so we will use our male colleagues to model it," said Xu, the owner of a live stream business,' told Jiuipai News. 

Livestream shopping took off in China in 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic was a partial reason for its success.

 With more people stuck at home, physical shops began to shut down and companies took their businesses online, selling everything from eggs to designer bags.

 According to Statista, China's livestream shopping industry, which has been soaring and succeeding, is estimated to be worth USD700 billion (RM3 trillion) by this year.

Many people have not accepted this and they are saying that instead of making men model female inner garments they should atleast dress in mannequins.

Here are just some reactions from Netizens on the issue;

@fabian. castello-The Gayest shit I’ve ever seen and heard in my life

@yikkes-paige- Why would they sell lingerie if you don’t want to see women in it????

@n.c.bennett- Another form of income taken. Thats what Im thinking.

@jeangareau- I hope the government is happy now!!!

@domeniko-lazarevic- Imagine living in China, no freedom man

@twitchdesigns- I think this is sexist bullshit but i'm thrilled that they are so open to cross dressing. How progressive.

@yummychaching- This is nasty, disgrace and very shameful. Sick absolute sick

@gracee- michellee- This doesn't end problem. This just creates new problem 😂

@klxyuan- It's not surprising that this happened in the land of misogyny. Such a bad thing…… Men take away jobs that should belong to women!

@mzee95- It doesnt matter they all look the same ... The only difference is the hair sooo