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Dennis Kaggia, popularly known as DNA has revealed that he cannot sustain a life of being in a romantic relationship with one woman.

Speaking on Cate Rira's podcast, the rapper disclosed that he has tried being in a couple of long-term relationships which did not work because he'd give his partners a rough time.

"I have met very amazing women in my life, I've been in long-term relationships but sadly for me, I don't get to have the whole plate. I think it's who I am, maybe am wrecked."

He further opens up about his not wanting to get married or living with a woman and finds people who are happily in love in one relationship lacking and naïve.

"Sijiioni nimeishi na dem ati holding hands walking to the sunset I don't see it for myself. The way I look at myself now my energies is too potent to be with one person. I'd give them hell. Hizi story za love ni za watu naive"

When he started his music career his idea of love was to sleep with girls without having any commitments to withhold him. 

"When I started music in my head I didn't even have an interest in that kind of thing, I was just trying to smash on chics and bounce, I did care much for love,".

Nonetheless, DNA regrets not being able to provide for all of his children the things he would have liked to such as visiting them every day, but he has accepted what life has to offer.

"The sad part is that am not able to give my children all that love, I would love to give them, to see them every day but I have accepted what comes with life"

The Banjuka song hit marker has been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Tugi and Wendo.

In 2018, he lost his 9-year-old son, Jamal Waweru after drowning in a swimming pool at Kitengela International Schools.

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