Karen Nyamu blasted for naming her kids after Samidoh

The senator noted that she is not trying to prove anything to anyone.

Karen Nyamu with Samidoh.
Image: Instagram

Politician Karen Nyamu, came under fire after some netizens criticized her for naming her two young children after their father, Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh.

Over the weekend, the mother of three posted a beautiful photo of her sons, Sam Junior and Taraya Wairimu and celebrated them on Instagram. In the picture, the two seemed to have a good union.

"These conversations were serious, what language do you think they were using," Nyamu wrote under the photo she published.


The politician attached her message with the hashtag #Muchokis, meaning they are the children of Muchoki (Samidoh).

While several fans appreciated the appearance of the two children, some criticized her for naming them after the musician.

One particular Instagram user wrote,

"Lakini Karen ni mchokozi alafu watoto watrolliwe aanze kulia mwathiriwa hapa yet yeye ndio apost hashtag za kipuzi. Hua anajaribu kuprove point!"


(But Karen is an aggressor and then when the children are trolled, she starts crying saying she's the victim, yet she is the one who posts stupid hashtags. She's always trying to prove a point)

While responding, the senator made it clear that she has no intention of trying to prove anything to anyone.

"Hehehe woiye ukiskia umechokozwa na surname ya watoto wewe uko na kashida na huwezi saidika, na ukweli huwa haiproviwi dadangu. iriswariris."

(Hehehe, if you hear that you are provoked by the children's surname, you are in trouble and you cannot be helped, and the truth is never proved my sister. iriswariris)

Another Instagram user criticized Nyamu and told her that she will regret naming her children after their father.

Nyamu, who was clearly angered by the fan's comments, made it clear that she would never intervene between her children and their fathers despite the relationship between herself and them.

"Hehehe, it's because you're a stupid mother. I never interfere between my children and their fathers regardless of our situation.

Their identity does not change, you can never edit the roots. 'Let me change my first child's name because I'm no longer with his father lol'. Kwani how were you?" replied the senator.

Last week, Nyamu and the Mugiithi singer celebrated their youngest daughter's birthday with special messages while also holding a party for her that they both attended.