Xtian Dela smiling.
Image: Instagram

Arthur Mandela Nyongesa aka Xtian Dela is trending. Arthur was exposed by his mother Naomi for abandoning his family over the last four years.

She claimed her son has even blocked her and efforts to reach him have been futile.

While the topic divided Kenyans, with some hitting out at toxic parents, others dug further urging him to let bygones be bygones.

Meanwhile, a music video Xtian did with his mother a few years ago has gone viral.

The song was shared on Naomi Nyongesa's YouTube channel on April 5, 2020.

It also features a third person, a young girl, not identified.

Kenyans have flocked to her YouTube channel to watch mother and son and urge them to reconcile.

The catchy song shows Xtian and his mother singing joyously along a road.

He sings "Anaweza baba anaponya baba yetu abariki baba yetu ainua baba ye "

Naomi joins in with her set of lyrics "Dunia ya matatizo tuachia wenyewe dunia yani lilia dunia ya magonjwa dunia ya njaa, tunaachia wenyewe" she croons.

The song called Shikilia Yesu was released a few years ago and has over 6,900 views.

Watch the music video below;

Xtian responded to his mother's concerns -terming her as a toxic parent. 

He shared an article about how to identify toxic parents and how to handle that situation.

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@KeyserSozeeh I I will not judge because as a man sometimes you have to go to war with either the world or yourself..

@ENGnaftali Not a bad song actually! And nothing wrong with @xtiandela doing a gospel song! Clearly shows he is a man who loves working hard and honest for himself. Ama?

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