It was more than 2 million-Alma Mutheu on TikTok earnings

The content creator last year revealed she had made millions from the app

The TikToker has revealed the millions she has earned from TikTok
Alma Mutheu. The TikToker has revealed the millions she has earned from TikTok
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator/ brand influencer Alma Mutheu is revisiting her previous statement where she revealed the amount of money she makes off TikTok.

Last year during an interview with Oga Obinna, Alma had stated she mad 2 million off the video sharing app, a statement that was met with a lot of criticism.

Now in an interview with YouTube content creator Mercy Ndaru the Tiktoker is setting the record straight and clarifying what she meant with her statement.


"It is not like I woke up and made 2 million.... I think people just misunderstood it.

What I meant is from when I joined TikTok... actually when I started getting endorsements till when I made that video I had made over 2 million shillings," clarified the digital content creator.

Alma went on to add that she was shocked that there is a section of people who didn't believe her story as content creation really pays handsomely.


"To be honest, the amount of money I have made is even more than what I mentioned because since I started getting endorsements till now the amount of money I have gotten is huge.... I can't mention it now but I calculated it all and it is actually more," Alma went on to add.

Addressing other content creators who doubted her claiming to be in the same space as her but not getting those millions she was talking about Alma went on to note it was all about strategy.

"To the TikTok creators doubting me, I will say it is all about strategy... something that I have and I believe others might not have it. Because I have a strategy and others don't when they hear me saying I make such amount, they will doubt it instead of finding a way working towards it...." the actress calmly while subtly throwing just the right amount of shade.

Last year during her interview on the Kulacooler show, Alma narrated how she found herself on Tiktok.

"I didn't even know what TikTok was. That was in 2019. At the time it was called Musically. I don't even know sometimes I say it's God. Like when I was just starting I was seeing what people were doing then I decided I will also try to do my thing"

Since joining the app Alma has garnered over 633 thousand followers and over 18.2 million likes.

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