Jackie Matubia leaves her nanny speechless during her birthday

The nanny's birthday falls on the same day as Jackie's anniversary with fiancee Blessing Lung'aho

The mom of two surprised her nanny during the nanny's birthday
Jackie Matubia. The mom of two surprised her nanny during the nanny's birthday
Image: Instagram

Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia left her nanny speechless with a heartwarming surprise during her birthday.

Jackie's nanny, miss Bridget happens to have her birthday on the same day that her boss and her fiancee fellow actor Blessing Lung'aho celebrate their anniversary, not expecting the surprise the couple had planned for her.

The couple, together with their best friends, the Mwangis (Terrence Creative and Milly Chebet) alongside their kids, went on a family fun day date to celebrate Jackie and Blessing's 2nd year together.


Jackie although engrossed with her own celebration had clearly not forgotten the lady who helps her take care of her young ones.

After an amazing day of dining, bonding, and laughter it was finally time to go but before they left the mother of two surprised her nanny, Bridget with a beautiful well decorated birthday cake with sparkling toppers on it.

Matubia, Chebby, and the rest of the crew then proceeded to excitedly sing the happy birthday song for Bridget as the hotel staff presented the cake written in bold, "Happy Birthday Bridget".

Jackie Matubia celebrates her nanny's birthday
Jackie matubia celebrates her nanny's birthday

Jackie captured the whole moment and shared the beautiful videos on her Instagram stories and one could clearly tell the moment was a surprise for Bridget who had no idea the former Zora actress had anything planned for her big day.

The nanny was left speechless as she looked on in disbelief as well as joy.

Captioning the surprise video Jackie wrote, "We also celebrated my nanny's birthday, she is just amazing."

It truly was a double celebration in the Lung'aho's household.

Following the heartfelt act, the celebrated actress has now joined the list of celebrities such as Wahu, Milly Chebby, Diana Marua and Tallia Oyando, who have publicly celebrated their nannies/ house helps either on their birthdays or just generally appreciating their presence without any special occasion needed.


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