Pritty Vishy: If you want to date me, you must pay all my bills

The content creator has been without a boyfriend since breaking up with Stevo SImple Boy last year.

Pritty Vishy.
Image: Instagram/Pritty Vishy.

YouTube blogger Pritty Vishy has opened up that since she started becoming more beautiful, many men have been increasingly sending messages to her DM.

The girl from Kibera has now decided to give a clear message to the men who are flooding her social media pages saying that the main thing she looks for in order to accept someone to date her is money.

Vishy said that any man she welcomes into her life is the one who will be ready to take on the responsibility of managing all her bills which she currently pays for herself without a boyfriend.


"To all men who are everywhere trying to seduce me, just a polite notice is that when you try to come to me to seduce me, make sure you know that you are coming to pay my bills and do more than what I do because I have no intention of backing down," Vishy said.

The lady emphasized that she needs a man who will have a high level of understanding about her value.

"I need a man who will understand my worth. So if you are ready to meet all those criteria then we can date," Vishy added.


Recently, the young lady reiterated her words that she does not need her ex-boyfriend Stevo Simple Boy, denying the words of some people that she really misses the Freshi Barida artist.