Trio Mio: Why I will never reveal my KCSE results

"Will you pay my University fees if you find out?" he asked.

Trio Mio.
Image: Instagram/Trio Mio.

Rapper Trio Mio has finally opened up about why he did not share his KCSE results publicly when the results were unveiled late last year.

After landing in the country from Dubai, during an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Trio Mio made it clear that Kenyans know him because of his music not because of his studies.

"Bro sikukataa kusema results. Kwani mnadai kunilipia fees ya Uni nini? acheni hizo mabuda. Shughulikeni na maisha yenu. Mimi hamkunijua juu ya darasa.Mlinijua juu ya music and I know I'm good at what I'm doing. so check bro, maisha ni yangu, me sipangwigwi," he said.


Adding, " I did not refuse to share my results with you guys, or do you want to pay for my Uni fees? Just concentrate on your life because you just know me because of music, not school performance or education."

The results were released back in January but the musician never revealed how he performed and his online fans were speculating about what he had attained.

His mother a while back also addressed the issue and told those who were waiting for her son to fail that the rapper had passed his exams but she also failed to name the grade.


The musician also disclosed that he is working on an album revealing that the Dubai club performance experience was nice and that he was warmly received by Kenyans in Dubai.

He added that the flow was smooth just as he and his team had planned and that people really enjoyed the show.

There were speculations on TikTok about the rapper dating a popular Tiktoker named Tonia after they did videos together but during the interview, he came clear and said that they are just besties and nothing more.