is copyrighting his dance moves
Moya David is copyrighting his dance moves
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Dance enthusiast/ entrepreneur turned musician Moya David has confirmed that his attorneys did indeed send TikToker Trevor Silaz a cease and desist letter via email

Moya however insists that the letter was not suing Trevor but legally asking him to stop passing Moya's content as his as well as using Moya's choreography in his dance videos.

This happens to be the first cease and desist letter since copyrighting his famous dance choreography.


Speaking exclusively to Kiss FM Moya revealed that he'd communicated with his lawyers who advised him on the legal action to take as it seemed word of mouth wasn't working.

On if he knows Trevor, Moya replied saying "oohh that guy that does my thing? Yes I know him."

Speaking on the claims that he had sued him Moya clarified that the lawyer had sent a demand letter which was different from suing someone.


"It was a demand letter to stop copying him, those are two different things. Suing is when you take someone to the court of law, something that hasn't happened." Moya clarified.

He went on to add,"as a brand you always have to have a team and I have a good team and they have a job to do... Their job is to protect my brand, so if they sent him an email it's because they so something he was doing that they felt was jeopardizing my brand."

Trevor claims Moya's attorneys have sent him a cease and decease letter
Left Moya David, right Trevor Silaz Trevor claims Moya's attorneys have sent him a cease and decease letter

Over the weekend fellow digital content creator Trevor Silaz had announced that Moya was suing him for copyright infringement.

In the past, Trevor was notoriously known to copy not only Moya's dance moves but his sense of style (dressing) and Moya's art of surprising people with dance as well.


Even before Moya trademarked his work he'd asked Trevor to stop fully imitating him as it was both awkward and embarrassing. I mean Trevor even used to do the white Moya David headband with his dreads tied back.

But Trevor maintains that he stopped doing Moya David's dance a while back and came up with his own moves so he doesn't know why a legal battle is brewing.


During an interview with YouTube content creator Nicholas Kioko, Trevor revealed that Moya had threatened to sue him although he feels that he has done nothing wrong.

According to the TikToker, he stopped using Moya's choreography the minute Moya copyrighted it.

Trevor maintains that after he heard the news of Moya trademarking the choreography, he immediately created his own only for him to receive a letter from Moya's advocates threatening to sue him.

Apparently, in the cease and desist letter Trevor has only a week to comply.

The TikToker has said that the letter has warned him to take legal action against him for using Moya's copyrighted choreography and that he had only 7 days before Moya's attorneys take legal action against him.

"If you neglect or fail to comply within seven days from the date of receipt of this letter our firm's instruction is to pursue legal remedies against you without further indulgence and reference to you." The letter reads.

This isn't the first time Trevor is claiming to be threatened by Moya.

About 9 months ago he revealed that Moya had called him and asked him to change because he did not appreciate how similar they looked.

Moya David
Image: courtesy

"He called me and was like bro you are copying me too much, doing everything I am doing from carrying the bag to the headband and hairstyle as well. And he was like, I need you to change and stop copying me," Trevor said.

Trevor added that Moya insisted he changes adding that people will accept him the way he is.

"And then he told me I am doing his moves and dressing like him but I just did it as a TikTok challenge and people loved me. If they had not accepted me I would not be having such a huge following right now.

I have like over half a million followers on Tiktok and my Instagram following has grown as well." Bragged Silaz who showed no incentive to change then.

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