'Ukweli nimekaliwa!' Bahati admits about marriage to Diana Marua

The 'Mama' singer in an Instagram video admitted that Diana wears the pants in their relationship

Bahati with Diana Marua.
Image: Instagram/Bahati

Kenyan gospel artist Kevin Kioko popularly known as Bahati has just admitted to his baby mama Diana Marua wearing the pants in their relationship.

The "Abebo' singer made the revelation yesterday evening via his Instagram stories.

Bahati sharing with his over 3.3 million followers narrated how his girlfriend Diana had come home late last night and found him sleeping.


Following his woman coming in way later than him, which is unconventional in most households the artist went on to jokingly state that 'ameolewa' by Diana.


Sharing a video to his Instagram stories Bahati said, "So, I was sleeping, and then wifey came back home, sikuizi bibi yangu anaingia after Mimi.

Enyewe nimekubali nimekaliwa. (I have truly accepted that Diana wears the pants in this house.)"


He went on to add, "Lakini my guys, siri ni kukubali kukaliwa. (But the secret to a happy relationship is letting your woman have control)," Bahati advised.


Later on in the evening, as they were having dinner, Bahati clearly not bothered by his girlfriend coming in late (they'd probably communicated about all this) proceeded to heap the mother of 3 with compliments while reminding her of his undying love for her.

The singer went on to advise married men to appreciate their wives and pamper them with sweet words often.

"Siri ya ndoa compliments..." Bahati captioned his video which he has since then deleted from his stories.

His remarks come days after Diana was called out for feeding him like a baby.

Politician Winnie Majani called her out asking the 33-year-old to stop trying to prove to the world her affection for Bahati because she is way older than him.

She advised Diana to live her life as she had chosen him, knowing he was younger.

"Now, someone please advise Diana to stop treating Bahati like her toddler. Which point is she trying to prove?

It is just juvenile and actually disgusting. Look, if you find yourself in a situation like Diana's, where you are 6 years older than your husband, don't prove anything!

Nothing wrong. You love him. You chose him. You are fulfilled. You owe no one any justification. " Winnie noted.

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