Diamond surprised about his new weight

This is happening at a time when there has been a lot of concern about the size of the Bongo star's body.

Diamond Platnumz.
Image: Instagram/Diamond Platnumz.

Bongo star Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond Platnumz seems to be very surprised by the weight that has increased on his body.

On Thursday morning, the Wasafi boss revealed that he now has a body weight of about seventy-four kilograms.

The singer made it clear that his new weight surprised him because he did not expect that his body had reached that point.


"Doh! 73.9kg," he wrote under a video showing him standing on a body weight measuring device and accompanied his message with emojis indicating great surprise.

Diamond Platnumz on a weighing machine.
Image: Instagram/Diamond Platnumz

This is happening at a time when there has been a lot of concern about the size of the Bongo star's body.

In recent days, some fans have been questioning the singer's health as they claim that he looks thinner than usual.


"One day we will get together to discuss the health of this man, I'm here," one Instagram user wrote under Diamond's recent post on the network.

Many other similar comments have been seen in his other posts on his various social media pages.

Recently, the WCB boss hinted that his long-running feud with fellow singer Alikiba has come to an end.

The star pointed out that the situation is now completely calm between him and Alikiba while showing him great love on Instagram.

On Sunday, Diamond confessed his great love for the song 'Asali' which he released in September last year.

He made it clear that it was Alikiba's favorite hit. "Favourite 🏆 " (Favorite song) Diamond wrote under the picture of the Alikiba song poster.

Many have taken the action as a sign that Diamond has no grudge against his fellow singer.

The two veteran Bongo musicians have been alleged to have had an issue for a long time and several times they have openly showed their animosity towards each other, however, they have rarely discussed their differences.

In his son 'Nawaza' which he released early last year, Diamond admitted that after thinking deeply he realized that he and Alikiba differ in small things like fans and fame.

The WCB boss further noted that he has grown up in the music industry and no longer deals with such issues.