'You are an inspiration to many!' Zari's younger lover tells her

Shakib, 31, recognized the mother of five for her role in inspiring others and urged her to continue.

Shakib Cham an Zari Hassan.
Image: Instagram/Zari

The young boyfriend of popular Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, Shakib Cham Lutaaya celebrated her with a special message on Wednesday as the world celebrated International Women's Day.

Shakib, 31, recognized the mother of five for her role in inspiring others and urged her to continue.

"Happy International Women's Day to you girlfriend! You are an inspiration to many, keep up the good work," he wrote to his girlfriend.

Zari liked the message from her younger lover and took the opportunity to thank him. "Thanks boo," he replied.

The former lover of the bongo star Diamond Platnumz has been in a relationship with Shakib Lutaaya for several months now and the two have been showing clearly how much they enjoy being together.


The two started dating in the middle of last year and their relationship has faced a lot of criticism especially due to their big age difference.

Zari is 42 years old while Shakib is 10 years younger than her.  The lovers were said to have gone their separate ways earlier this year after not being seen together for a long time as before.

The rumours spread further in late January when the two Ugandans posted cryptic messages on social media.

Zari raised concerns about her relationship with Shakib after she posted a quote that explained the dangers of lying to people close to you.

"Some people don't understand how poisonous lies can be. Lies infect and curse happy relationships until you feel sick to your stomach believing them again, No matter how much you love someone, sometimes you can't help but feel like they stole your Comfort.

You are no longer comfortable because you second-guess everything. Now, trusting them is not an easy task.

Now it takes effort and sometimes that's tiring," read her caption.

A few weeks ago however, the socialite however buried the rumours of her relationship breaking up after she posted videos of her and Shakib enjoying romantic moments together.

"See you soon. I love you," she was heard saying in the video. Shakib also assured the mother of five about his great love for her and said goodbye. "Goodbye my love. I love you," he said.

The two lovers were also seen hugging and kissing on the lips when they were at the airport.