3rd victim dies from GloRilla's concert stampede

The party goers lost their lives after being injured in a stampede at GloRilla and FInesse2tymes' concert that was held in Rochester

American rapper GloRilla, a 3rd party goer has died from the stampede that occured during her concert
Image: Instagram/GloRilla

A 3rd partygoer has lost their life following the stampede that occurred at American rapper GloRilla and FInesse2tymes' concert that was held in Rochester, New York City.

The stampede apparently was caused after the crowd began to surge and rush toward the exit, possibly when they thought they heard gunshots.

Rochester police lieutenant Nicholas Adams however insists that there was "No evidence to support a shooting having occurred."

"We are hearing many reports of potential causes, including crowd size, shots fired, pepper spray, and more. However, preliminary reports from people at the scene indicate that these injuries were caused by being trampled. We do not have any evidence of gunshots being fired or anyone being shot or stabbed." The police department revealed.

Following the stampede and death of the 3rd concertgoer, it now appears that the grounds are being shut down indefinitely and GloRilla's concert will be the venue's last event ever.

Luckily, unlike Travis Scott's case, neither artist is under investigation for the incident. Both GloRilla and Finesse had left the building before the stampede happened however, they've expressed remorse for the catastrophe.

The 3rd victim, 35-year-old Aisha Stephens sadly passed away on Wednesday night, according to the AP. She'd been critically injured at the Main Street Armory concert after fans mistook loud sounds for gunshots, and bolted for the door in unison.

Two days ago, it was reported that 2 fans had died and 8 more were injured in a stampede after a concert by rapper GloRilla in Rochester, New York.

Rhondesia Belton, 33, and Brandy Miller, 35, were named as the other 2 fatalities, prompting local police to revoke the Armory's license. GloRilla, who had finished performing before the incident, said she was "devastated and heartbroken".

The Memphis musician, whose song F.N.F. (Let's Go) was nominated for best rap performance at last month's Grammy Awards, said she did not hear about the crush until she left the venue.

"My fans mean the world to me... praying for their families and for a speedy recovery of everyone affected."She wrote on social media.

The tragedy comes three months after a deadly crush outside a concert by Afrobeats star Asake at Brixton Academy in London.

Two people died and several more were injured after a large number of people tried to enter the venue.

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