Chito reacts to Brandy Maina on stance she won't do interviews this year

The 'Kuna Kuna' singer shocked many by issuing her tough stance in a post she made online

Chito Ndlovu
Image: Instagram

Kiss FM presenter Chito Ndhlovu proceeded to respond to singer Brandy Maina after she tweeted that she will no longer engage in any form of interviews this year and went ahead to name the only musicians she would never mind working with.

Brandy tweeted, "Unless it's Nyash, Kinoti, Watendawili, Femi or Fathermoh, I'm not doing any more collaborations this year. Leave me out of interviews as well."

Chito evaluated the whole tweet and praised Brandy for being talented and just showed her love adding that " Maan I think brandy Maina is maad talented artist and I love her music."


He then continued by encouraging the singer to be open for collaborations as they will take her to greater levels and get noticed by different audiences adding that pride and ego can cause huge damage. 

" Us youngings can really be in it. By all means, don't do any interviews but, be open for collaborations. You never know whose collaboration will take your career to the next level Sometimes we block our own growth by our own pride and ego." He wrote.

He ended by giving a lesson that "Talent without guidance leads to nothingness."

Chito Ndhlovu's post.
Image: Instagram/Chito Ndhlovu

A month ago, the singer and songwriter on her social media platforms promised to call out women in the music industry who've made it a habit to bully others alleging that a section of females in the music industry is the main reason why her breakthrough has taken long to come.

Brandy highlighted that once she started doing media tours she would call out the said individuals by name.

She also added that she wasn't the only female artist to suffer under their hands.

 Brandy opened up on things in her life that have changed since she stepped into the spotlight.

Highlighting that the fame now sort of restricts her life to some extent. She however acknowledged that it has also opened more doors for her.