Amber Ray's ex shares cryptic shady post after gender reveal party

The sociaite's Sierra Leonean ex-boyfriend Kabba shaded women who thirst trip online

IB Kabba with Amber Ray.
Image: Instagram

Amber Ray’s Sierra Leonean ex-boyfriend IB Kabba has posted a video shading women who ‘thirst trap’ on social media for attention and likes.

The cryptic video which netizens are speculating was directed at his ex comes shortly after, the Kenyan socialite (Amber Ray)had a lavish gender reveal party over the weekend.

Amber and her fiancee Kennedy Radupo are expecting their first child together.

It seems as if this man will never heal, Amber must have really done a number on him because bruh it has been over 2 years.... heal.


Kabba re-posted a video where a lady was calling out social media influencers who are constantly showing off their bodies online just for likes.

The lady noted that such women were undesirable and destined for failure in the long run. She also added that people who easily show off their bodies online were actually miserable behind closed doors.

Sounds like words Kabba has used to call out and shade Amber after their breakup.


I mean he went ahead to publicly say he pities the man who ends up dating Amber.


“No one wants to be with someone that is just going to be naked all the time and make herself available for everyone to see. I don’t have to be a man to know that’s not what every man wants." Starts off the lady in the video.

Amber Ray at her gender reveal party

She goes on to add, "if you think that’s freedom, the idea that you have to wear less, the idea that you have to get naked to be heard…do you think that’s a form of freedom because that’s slavery, that’s bondage.

I do not have to take off my clothes to be heard by society. When you follow these people that are self-imposed feminists, you find the majority of them are miserable."

“Look at their lives and ask yourself a question, do you think they are happy? Do you feel good when you do what they do? When you’re constantly looking for a dopamine hit from social media because you took your clothes off and people are on your comments?” The last part of the video claimed.

2 days ago Amber and her man Rapudo revealed the gender of their baby in an exquisite gender reveal party. I mean the couple arrived at the venue in a Chopper.

The party was held at Qaribu Inn which is located along Waiyaki way but information about the gender of the unborn baby had remained scanty until this confirmation.

Amber's party was graced by the likes of Eric Omondi, Oga Obinna, MC Antonio, and Phoina Tosha among others.

Before the D-day Amber Ray had splashed over Sh100, 000 on a billboard announcing her gender reveal party in Nairobi. Shortly after the two announced that they were expecting a bouncing baby girl into their family.

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