Facebook disables Sonko's Facebook page with 2.5M followers

The politician said that the social app wants him to apologize and send an appeal to get his page back, something he said he can't do.

Mike Sonko.
Image: The-Star

Businessman Mike Sonko has suffered a blow after Meta, which owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp networks, blocked his Facebook page.

The businessman turned politician lamented through his Twitter page saying that Facebook closed his page that had more than 2.5 million followers for what he said was due to his continued attacks on the LGBTQ community.

The former governor of Nairobi said that the authority asked him to send an apology to them for promoting what they described as 'hate' against LGBTQ, which he said he could not do and said instead he would continue the agenda of attacking the LGBTQ community through the Twitter page - 


"These LGBTQ movements are strong. They have complained to Facebook until my page with 2,500,000 followers has been disabled and closed until I apologize and then appeal. I cannot and will not apologize. Here on Twitter you have 2,300,000 followers and still growing like wildfire. ALLUTA CONTINUA,” Sonko said.

For a long time, Mike Sonko has been uploading pictures and videos of same-sex lovers in various places, publicly showing his displeasure with such actions while labeling them with various bad names.

In Kenya for about three weeks now, the conversation about the whole LGBTQ issue has been volatile all over the networks, especially following the decision of the Supreme Court to legalize LGBTQ gatherings in the country.