Anita Nderu calls out period shamers

The media personality faulted the taboo like ideology that surrounds menstrual cycle and conversations around it

Media personality Anita Nderu holding her baby girl
Image: Instagram

Celebrated media personality and social media influencer Anita Nderu in her recent Instagram stories took it upon herself to call out people who period shame and the whole taboo-like ideology that surrounds the natural occurrence and conversations about it.

"It still baffles me that at this time and age girls still get shamed for staining..." started off the mom of one.

She went on to call out people who period shame pointing out that it was a beautiful natural phenomenon.


The media personality highlights she has never been embarrassed to talk about the menstrual cycle but has always had other people try imposing their shame on her.

"It's not only flabbergasting but ridiculous.... From when I was in school to when I used to work in offices I remember if it was during that period and I needed to change I'd casually get out my pad and walk with it in my hand unashamed to the washrooms.

But lord the number of stares I used to get! And sometimes I'd get stopped by women with shame plastered all over their faces going all, 'omg hide it! Hide it!'


And in my confusion, I'd ask what? And they'd in low but urgent tones go the sanitary towel... hide it, and I'd be even more confused like why hide it? It was so surprising" Anita narrated.

She added that till now she doesn't understand the shame that comes with periods because anyone who has gone to school knows after puberty girls start their cycle so why should it be hidden it's not something they asked for or can cut ties with whenever they want.

"Have you seen my big old age? Has it not occurred to you that I might be on my period? You know the thing that happens monthly till like menopause?" Anita humorously added, clearly still taken aback by the people who act like having a cycle is a sin.

Defending girls who sometimes stain themselves, the media personality pointed out that no one would willingly do that, especially in public adding that the shame put on menstrual cycles is what sometimes makes girls stain themselves.

"So do you guys think when people stain they do that on purpose? So they sit down and are like do you know what would go great with my outfit today? A sprinkle of blood! Yes, that's it...." Anita joked, adding that of course stains accidentally happen and girls shouldn't be shamed for it.

The new mom finished off by encouraging people to change their mindsets and work better on making the community better for girls, have open conversations about the menstrual cycle, and stop shaming women for unintentional accidents.

"Instead of shaming women, let us start thinking of how we can have free and accessible pads for all the girls because we can't still be having girls missing school because they're on their periods in this century. Or women suffering because pads are very expensive for something that they can't control," finished off Anita

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