'This can't be my home forever!' Brandy Maina shades 'toxic' Kenyans

Brandy shared that she couldn't wait to blow up and leave like Elsa Majimbo did

Brandy Maina.
Image: Instagram

Kenyan singer and songwriter Brandy Maina through her socials has revealed that she cannot wait for the day she gets to leave her home country adding that Kenyans are toxic and undeserving of creatives.

"This country doesn't deserve creatives, I pray we all leave this toxicity!" Started off Brandy.

She went on to add that she was overly happy for people like Elsa Majimbo who made it and took the first flight out of Kenya, highlighting that she couldn't wait to do the same.


Continuing her angry post Brandy wrote, 'So happy for Majimbo like damn! God please open my doors, this can't be my home forever. It be your own that kill you," finished off the artist.

Yesterday Brandy had announced that she would not be doing any more collaborations with anyone save for 5 select artists for the rest of the year.


Her message read, "Unless it is Nyashinski, Kinoti, Watendawili, Femi One or Fathermoh, I am not doing any more collaborations this year. Leave me out of interviews as well."

Her sentiment somehow seemed to annoy netizens who called her out for being full of herself or feeling like she has made it in the industry yet she was still coming up.

Following her tweet going viral she was forced to defend herself clarifying what she meant with her first post.

She highlighted the people trolling her were clearly not artists and thus couldn't relate to the dynamics of her line of work.

"I can tell the people pressed about my tweet are not artists because they clearly don't get the back end of it, there is time for everything," started Brandy.

She went on to add that as an artist she had to focus on herself and her projects because that is what mattered the most in the long run,

"I have been doing collaborations for a while now and I really have not had or taken time to work on my solo projects.

See if I do a song with you, I will push it to the best of my ability and that takes time, money, and effort that I think I need to best preserve for my E.P for the rest of the year," finished off the "Dark Skin" hit-maker

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