Pastor Rose Shaboka says you must put Udelilah in marriage for it to prosper.

A famous female pastor from Tanzania, Rose Shaboka, has advised married women to imitate some of the behaviors of Delilah in the Bible in order to maintain their marriages.

According to the Shaboka, in order to handle your marriage as a woman, it is necessary that you put what she called 'uDelilah' in that marriage in order to establish it with a strong pillar.

"These men want a certain woman with Delilah. They want a woman whose mind is like Delilah. You give yourself awareness," the pastor advised a group of women in the class as they cheered her on.

She said that women should bring and show humility while in church to humble themselves before God but when they return home they should tighten the nut a little on their husbands, for the benefit of their marriage.

"This is where we bring salvation, when we arrive at home we are different creatures. We are other creatures give pleasure to them. Now you are always dirty, the hair itself, when you weave it, you don't go to wash it until it smells. We need God's people to improve these marriages. Satan attacks them because he knows what is there. A marriage that stays the same gives meaningful children," she advised.

In the book of the Bible, the woman Delilah is described as one woman who was used by the rival Philistines to reveal the secret of the mysterious powers that were possessed by a judge of Israel called Samson.

Delilah attached herself to Samson in a romantic way but her main goal and intention was to find the secret of his powers that was confounding to the Philistines, including knocking down strong walls, killing lions with his bare hands among other great things.

When she came to Samson, she asked him to tell him the secret of his strength if she really loved him, and being fooled by love, poor Samson revealed the secret of his strength and that it was his hair.

Delilah then sneaked out and revealed the secret to the Philistines who shaved Samson and thus crippled took away the source of his strength.