Bien: Nikita Kering' is the most amazing, most talented female in Kenya

The singer shared a picture of her and the tall musician posing in the studio alongside a notable producer

Nikita Kering announces she's working on a new song with Bien
Image: Instagram

Kenyan artists Bein-Aime Baraza and Nikita Kering have just revealed that they are working on a new song together.

Nikita gave hints on her social media platform after she shared a picture of her and Bien chilling.

She then accompanied it with a video of the two of them alongside popular videographer Eugene Mbugua and upcoming musician Joy Ciru who also goes as Savinnah.


The 4 were outdoors enjoying a picnic as they seemed to bounce off ideas across. Nikita captioned the post, "Royals."

She went on to share a picture of her, Bien, Savinnah, and music producer SoFresh posing in the studio excitedly.

In a different video, of just the two of them Bien and Nikita were seen goofing around the studio with Bien highlighting that he had to look presentable before featuring in Nikita's video.


"Ngoja nipake at lease vaseline nisipararie watu kwa hii video ya Nikita Kering bana, unajua hii ni part of the bts," Bien said in his humorous way as the 20-year-old songstress burst out laughing.

Nikita Kering and Bien in studio
Nikita Kering and Bien in studio

After calming down from the burst of laughter Nikita asked Bien, "How was the session?" To which the Sauti Sol band member replied by heaping praises on Nikita labelling her as the best female artist in the country.

"The session was amazing! I just got work with the most amazing, most talented female artist of our time here in Kenya and in the world and the song is going to be a banger..." Bien replied.

Nikita couldn't help but melt over the compliment as she thanked Bien for his kind words.

The "Inauma" hit-maker went on to that the entire team behind their yet-to-be-released song as well as shout out their producer SoFresh.

"Shout out to SoFresh! You know SoFresh is on the beat, and shout out to everyone who worked on this song... the entire team, you know it takes a village. Look out for the video guys," Bien candidly said.

The curvy singer finished off by echoing the tall musician's words as she urge fans to be on the lookout for the magical piece they had created.                                                                                                                                                              Read also: