Amber Ray ruthlessly blasts Andrew Kibe in lengthy rant

The socialite mercilessly responds to the controversial content creator

Amber Ray.
Image: Instagram/Amber Ray.

Amber Ray mercilessly responds to controversial content creator Andrew Kibe who mocked her in an uncontrollable manner about her way of life, not sparing her son Gavin.

Kibe claims that Amber Ray trapped moneyed Rapudo with immediate pregnancy months after meeting with him.

Andrew Kibe went ahead to fault Amber for how she up brings her son claiming that she is making him grow soft.

"She's now flaunting that pregnancy everywhere, with that ka-weak boy of hers, this ka boy is going to grow up very soft," Kibe claimed.


Amber Ray didn't take this well and took to her Instagram stories to address Mr. Lambistic the Critique.

"Allow me to take some time out and have some fun, allow me some minute to step out of character and respond to some words uttered by my former pastor who retired prematurely as he does with everything else," she worded.

Referring to him as a 50-year-old who had all opportunities to give up but hasn't yet for lack of clear vision and being broke alleging that Kibe has a debt of 2.5 million that has not been paid for about 7 years.


"Unlike your ex-girlfriends, you will never know what it means to be blessed unless you find a way to break up with yourself. If you know me well, I'm sure you know I can lock you up in an hourglass with your pants off,"  The socialite warned.

She continued comparing him with Andrew Tate saying, "Apart from your attempt to be Andrew Tate, what is your content really about, I ask because  you insult God, women, men, and children at this rate I don't even know this but you are a disgrace to your ancestors."

The second time mum-to-be threatened and warned Kibe against ever dragging her family into his content again saying,

 "I don't need to respond to you more than once. When you choose to insult my family because you have none, I'll make you a story be warned. Keep my son's name out of your f***ing mouth!"