Photos that have fans thinking Simon Kabu is reconciling Samidoh and Edday

Samidoh and his wife, Edday had a public spat over his relationship with Karen Nyamu

Samidoh and his wife Edday.
Image: Samidoh

Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu has hinted at plans to help reconcile Mugithii singer Samidoh with his wife Edday Nderitu by playing their mediator.

The two had a public spat following Samidoh's on-and-off relationship with his baby mama, nominated senator Karen Nyamu.

Edday made it clear that she is not ready to raise her kids in a polygamous family while Samidoh has over time proved that he cannot keep off Karenzo, I mean the two already have 2 kids together.


Kabu hinted at helping the couple solve their issues by revealing that he had met with them for talks.

The father of 4 shared a picture of him and Edday at a popular fast food joint looking cordial as they both smiled at something on Edday's phone.

Alongside the photo was a picture of him with the vernacular artist at a nightclub looking deep in conversation.

Samidoh had his arms folded across his chest as he listened to an animated Simon who seemed to be sharing something deep with him. 

Simon went on to caption the post, 'With my buddies... penye mabazuu." And simply left it at greatly confusing fans and curious netizens.


Fans flocked the comment section sharing their thoughts on the reconciliation process.

Below are a couple of comments:

essyinternational: Bila Karen Nyamu hapo hii ni Kazi ya bureπŸ˜‚

njeri_gichuhi:Team Eddy Nderitu haturudi Kwa humiliation Zii

_antonettar_: Hakuna kurudi. This lady has been through enough humiliation. Hapa ni kuongelea peaceful co-parenting.

essiewamboe: Good job you're doing Simon πŸ‘ but usisahau the other side kuna innocent kids who also need their father. #peace

alaine_alaine14:Nimekumbuka ya Eric omondi na maribe. Let people be

bet.warwinu: Samidoh ataenda tu na siku ya kurudi anashukia kwa karen

essy_mg: Wah this girl is still hopeful? Sad 😒.. anyways all the best

mama_eliana254: πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… achana na patanisho wale wengine uliwapatanisha wakalewa tu na wakajiabisha

rosebeth_mwangi: ATI we all make mistakes,kwani utarudia hii mistake mara ngani huyu amezoea ,wacha ni kubali 1st wife ni kijua Kuna second wife ,hizi hope unapea 1st wife then unajipata Kwa pale pale sitampea heart attack,tu zoee 1st wife title nothing else nimeeda.

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