American rapper Rick Ross buffaloes land him in trouble with his neighbour
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American rapper, entrepreneur, actor, and film producer Rick Ross is in trouble with his neighbors over his pet buffaloes.

Yes, you read that correctly, the "Aston Martin" hit marker actually owns buffaloes as pets.

The celebrity artist owns a humongous home, a big one to be exact, where his pet buffalo roams but it seems they need more space as the giant beasts still managed to range onto his neighbor's yard, and she's worried because her young kids play outside.

Rick Ross's neighbor, who lives on a plot of land behind the "Def Jam Recordings" owner Fayetteville, GA compound, reported that the producer's two buffaloes have wandered onto her property twice last week.

Keep in mind, adult buffalo can tip the scales at around 2,000 lbs.!!! And that alone has her mighty worried as they may pose a danger to her small children.

Rick Ross buffaloes
Image: Courtesy

The rapper was gifted the buffaloes last year in March, in addition to them he also has four horses and a bull. 


According to a video going around Rick's behemoth pets were seen running through the neighbor's front yard, a wild scene she says she came home from work to discover.

The unnamed neighbor took several pictures of the buffaloes grazing on the grass near a paved driveway full of parked cars before reaching out to authorities to file a complaint.

Before reaching out to the police, Rick's neighbor says she went to the rapper's place to confront him about the buffaloes grazing on her property but unfortunately it turned into a verbal dispute with a member of Rick's team.

Unsatisfied with that interaction, she says her next step is filing a neighbor dispute with the city as she tried calling the police, but they told her it was a civil dispute and didn't take a report.

In addition to the potential danger the roaming animals pose to the woman's kids, they also appear to be tearing up her yard. Definitely not as important, but it could still be costly.

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